2017 Districting

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City of Morgan Hill 2017 Districting Project

"Vertical 2" Map Selected

On August 23rd the City Council selected the "Vertical 2" map as its preferred map for Council election districts. A second reading and final vote on adoption is scheduled for the Council's September 6th meeting.

Vertical 2 Details: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

View the map on the interactive review website.

The information below is preserved for archive and reference purposes.


What do you think of the Draft Maps?
The Council wants to hear what you like and dislike about each initial draft map posted below. 

For each draft plan, there is an Adobe PDF maps and an Adobe PDF demographic profile. And at the top of the list is a link to an interactive map that allows you to zoom in and out to see plan details (even down to the individual house).

The Council wants to know not just which map(s) you like or dislike, but why you feel that way about each map. These are the first drafts, not necessarily the final maps, and future versions can include revisions aimed at addressing the concerns raised by residents.

Please take the time to look at them and share your thoughts, either by email to MorganHill@NDCresearch.com, by letter, at a Council meeting, or using the contact form

And, as a reminder, you can also draw your own map! See the "Draw a Map" page for instructions and data to do so.

Draft Maps

Notes about the draft maps:

Maps numbered with a "b" (such as 1b, 2b, etc.) have been adjusted from their original form by the City's demographic consultant to make them population-balanced and/or contiguous. Maps named after colors (Green, Orange, etc.) were drawn by the City's demographic consultant.

Listing of all plans received and posted, with the submitter's comments

(The "NDC" mentioned in the table is National Demographics Corporation, the City's demographic consultant team for this project.)

Interactive Map Viewer 

(All of the population-balanced and contiguous draft maps are shown in the online interactive viewer at this link.)

Full City, Population Balanced, Contiguous Maps

Pinwheel 1: PDF Map: Demographic Spreadsheet

Pinwheel 2: PDF Map: Demographic Spreadsheet

Vertical 1: PDF Map: Demographic Spreadsheet
Vertical 2: 
PDF Map: Demographic Spreadsheet

Horizontal 1: PDF Map: Demographic Spreadsheet

Aragon 1b: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Benevento 1: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Benevento 2b: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Downey 1b: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Green: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

​Lee 1b: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Mueller 1: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Mueller 2: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Muirhead 1: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Orange: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

​Yellow: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Election Year Sequencing Options Table(updated 8/22/2017)

(Click for a table of election year options for each contiguous and population balanced map)

Full City Maps that are not Population Balanced or not Contiguous

Aragon 1: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Benevento 2: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

​Lee 1: PDF Map : Demographic Spreadsheet

Single-District Maps (neither is population-balanced)
Muirhead 2: PDF Map 
Muirhead 3: PDF Map